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investment mistakes to avoid

Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Investment Mistakes to Avoid

You may not even be aware of it, but chances are, you could be putting your financial future in jeopardy .Her are  property investment mistakes to avoid.

We’re not talking about the classic mistakes such as not doing your research before buying.

Here are some investment mistakes to avoid to protect your investment.

 Making a strategy fit an area

Having a strategy is important if you want to succeed as an investor. However, rigidly sticking with the strategy rather than focusing on the result can have costly consequences.

For example, if you’re pursuing a renovate for profit strategy and are looking to invest in Moreton Bay in Queensland, you’re likely to be targeting 30 years old unrenovated homes. But this type of property isn’t what the demographics of that area want. These people have dual income, high-paying jobs. They want a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, double lockup garage house. They want a relatively brand new or up to five-years old property, not a renovated 30 years old property.

Therefore, it’s crucial to really understand the demographics of an area and what’s in demand. 

Emotionally attached to an area or property type

It happens to many of us. You come across a property expert extolling the big profit potential of an area and we jump onto the bandwagon.

So you go into the area having already developed a personal preference towards townhouse or units because you’ve been told of its potential.

But based on a research on the demographics of the area, it shows that a 2-bedroom unit will be a death sentence.  They want relatively new, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, double lock up garage.

To ensure you avoid this mistake, look at what’s in demand in the area and understand your potential buyers and renters, not blindly following an expert’s recommendation.

Relying on partial advice

It’s human nature. When it comes down to choosing between paying more for something better and getting a cheaper, most of us will opt for the latter.

Although we know instinctively that you get what you pay for.

investment mistakes to avoid
Research is key

This is especially true with property investment advice.

Unfortunately, trying to save money by relying on cheaper but incomplete advice could cost you more over the long term.

That’s because you end up filling the gaps with your personal preferences,  and you’ll get it completely wrong.

If you have to rely on a report or recommendation, make sure that it gives you all the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

Following the herd

There might be safety in numbers, but when it comes to investing in property, more investors in an area doesn’t always spell profits.

Granted that there are benefits of banding together such as the ability to buy at a lower price, there’s equally a huge risk with this strategy.

Joining the herd creates a lot of competition in that market. A lot of investors in an area means higher competition for renters and for buyers when it’s time to sell.