Fight Cancer Home Loans

Australians Need Our Help

Australians Need Our Help

Australians Need Our Help
we work tirelessly across every aspect of cancer, and tomorrow, with your help, we’ll start again.

Every day, we see the devastating impact cancer has on those diagnosed and their loved ones. That’s why every minute, every hour, every day, the Cancer Council supports families affected by cancer when they need it most. Australians need our help.

Australians Need Our Help
We are Australia’s leading cancer charity, working with and for the community across all cancers, for everyone affected by or concerned about cancer.

Latest estimates show that over the next 22 years, there will be a 72% increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer – that’s 1.9 million Australians who will have a personal history of cancer by 2040.

In the comeing years, our support services will be needed more than ever before. Today, we need your help to ensure that no Australian faces cancer alone.

Just 30 years ago, only 47% of people survived cancer for five years or more after a diagnosis. Thanks to generous Australians like you, today it’s 68%. With your ongoing support, imagine where we’ll be in the future.

Fight Cancer Home Loans is proud to have partnered with the Cancer Council to share commission received from the lender with the Cancer Council, all this at no cost to the client. With 95% of all funding coming from the community, more Australians touched by Cancer will need our help.

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